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How To Make Your House Really Inviting With These Simple Ideas - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - I’m really house proud, and I do spend a lot of time working on my house to look beautiful. I know that it can be really difficult for some people to find enough time in their busy days to get their home looking like a show-home. I’ve come up with some quick and simple ways to make your home wonderfully inviting. Here’s how to make those special guests feel really welcome in your home:


Start with the approach to your front door. Keep your front lawn trimmed and tidy. You can also sweep the path in just a minute or two. Why not install some path lights either side of it to create a runway effect? It leads your guests to the front door. Keep this porch area well-lit, and the door clean with a quick wipe-down. Finally, pop down a ‘Welcome’ door mat for the finishing touch.


As soon as your guests enter, they want to see the beauty of your home. Keep the hallway clutter-free by popping your coats and boots in the cupboard. The empty coat stand can now be furnished with your guest’s items. A big mirror on one wall and vibrant decor make the space look bright and airy. Fresh flowers on the hall table will provide a splash of color and a gorgeous, welcoming scent too.

Living Room

If you are entertaining your guests in the living room, keep some fresh flowers in a centerpiece arrangement on the coffee table. You can give each surface a quick wipedown to remove the surface dust. Pop all the usual clutter in the spare room if you don’t have time to tidy thoroughly. Scented candles are great for making your home smell fantastic all year round. Light a couple for a welcoming, warm glow and aroma.


If you are providing a meal for your guests, the kitchen can be quite messy. Pop used pots straight into the dishwasher as you go to reduce the clutter. Some people say the smell of baking bread is very welcoming. Try something sweeter like buns for a truly appetising scent your guests will love. If your fridge is a little whiffy, pop in a bowl of lemon juice. Take out the trash to avoid any bin smells too.


Guests often need to make use of a bathroom when they visit. If this area hasn’t been cleaned, it can be very embarrassing! Keep a bottle of bleach toilet cleaner handy at all times. Then you can just nip in and give your toilet a quick going over. Wipe the seat on both sides before flushing the bleach away. If the floor is looking a little grubby, give it a quick spray with disinfectant before tackling it with the steamer mop. All this should take less than five minutes.

Having a clean and tidy home at all times isn’t necessary. You can quickly provide a welcoming atmosphere in just the areas your guests are likely to see. The key to a long-term solution is regular touch-ups, just one room at a time. See if you can spare five minutes per room today.

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