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Put a Stop to Chaos by Redesigning Your Mud Room - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - When your home is cluttered and unorganized it can cause for life to get a bit out of hand. Whether it is the kitchen, the bedroom, or the mud room, the old mantra still holds true: a place for everything and everything in its place. Now if only your kids could live by that motto, too. Family life makes a mess, but a well-designed home with clean, streamlined storage can help keep it under control. The biggest offenders for clutter tend to be the bedroom and the mudroom, but there are storage solutions.

You get organized with a couple of different strategies, including reach in and walk in closets, shelving solutions, and cabinets. The best place to start is that part of your house that seems to always be the most unorganized: the bedroom. For too many people, cleaning means cramming everything behind closed doors: that can mean a chaotic wardrobe.

A messy bedroom only adds stress to your busy weeks and daily routines. Walk in closets make the most of both your horizontal and vertical space to create an elegant extension to your bedroom. They are luxuriously made and a way to keep your shoes, wardrobe, and accessories separate and plainly visible. With this added area and extra shelving and storage the bedroom no longer becomes the place you scramble to finish cleaning before guests come over.

If you live in Toronto, companies like Space Age Closets offer customized designs that fit your space, needs, and vision. Walk in closets in Toronto can be specialized to have as much or as little shelving as you need, with a design plan that complements your home’s. They will make your bedroom feel complete and help it to become an organized sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy your down time without the constant nagging feeling that something is out of place.

Another place in the home that always seems to be cluttered and in need of some help is the mud room. It may get its name for a reason, but many still cringe when guests come over and find their children’s boots, shoes, jackets, and coats flung every which way. You don’t want to be tripping over things as you come home from a day at the office, either.

Innovative mud room designs from Toronto’s Space Age Closets offer one solution. By installing benches for taking off your boots, hooks for scarves and umbrellas, and handy drawers for your work phone and your keys, you can keep everything where it belongs. Stop worrying about tripping in the dark or losing your keys. A few simple renovations can change a messy, cluttered room into a luxurious, organized space that everyone will appreciate as they enter the house. Nobody wants to be greeted with a disaster first thing after a long day. Among Space Age Closet’s suggestions for a mud room redesign is flooring that’s easy to clean, such as large format tiles or flooring without grout lines. With a little bit of thought and extra storage space, you’ll find it’s a breeze to keep your home free of clutter.

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Mini Storage Can Help Your De-Clutter Your Home - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - Your home has the ability to feel like an oasis in the middle of the city – your personal refuge from the traffic and congestion that always manages to clog up Thornhill. Unfortunately, for far too many people, this isn’t the case, as they come home to a cluttered and disorganized space. It isn’t that their homes are dirty. They’ve just accumulated a lot of junk, and too much of it can hinder their ability to let loose and relax after a long, hard day.

Believe it or not, it’s true. Clutter has been found to affect the brain negatively. A recent study conducted by researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that the average person finds it difficult to concentrate in a chaotic environment. It also diminishes your ability to process information as the visual stimuli of clutter distract your brain. When exposed to clutter for longer periods of time, your brain can suffer from fatigue and result in negative mental experiences.

If you’ve been feeling anxious or frustrated upon arriving home from work, it may be time to consider your surroundings. A simple plan to go through your home and discard what you don’t need is the simplest way to make your home the stress-free haven you want it to be. Dividing this task over several weekends can lighten the load of this responsibility, and you can coordinate with your family to go through and discard items on specific days. It may be hard to cut down on your stuff, especially if you and your family members disagree on what you consider to be essential belongings and unnecessary junk. Luckily, there are self serve storage units in Thornhill for when you end up keeping far more than you had anticipated.

Varying in size, these storage units can be as small as a utility closet or as large as the average garage. When you find the perfect sized Thornhill storage unit, you never end up more for space that you don’t need, making mini storage an affordable solution to your clutter problems. Regardless of how much you stowaway, the best self storage Thornhill has to offer will come with advanced security features to keep you stuff safe.

Once you take the time to go through your things, you can clear out your living space and create an organized, clutter-free home. Best of all, when you use a mini storage unit to store your stuff, you don’t have to make any sacrifices in order to arrive at your orderly home. You can say goodbye to your concentration problems as you relax in your newfound oasis.

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Get Your Lawn Ready for the Summer - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - Summer time in Toronto is already here, and that means more sunshine, more time outdoors and more lawn care. Our yards are like our outdoor living rooms — especially because we so rarely get to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with snow, ice, rain, and wind — and the lawns are like our living room carpets. The better you feel about your lawn, the better your barbeques, parties, and game days will be. One of the best things you can do to upgrade your family’s experience is get your lawn ready for summer as soon as possible.

There are many benefits to having sprinklers installed. A lawn that is not properly watered is bound to have many growth issues. This kind of landscaping care is important for when you are having guests over. No one wants to hang out in what looks and feels like a wild, bug infested jungle with sand pits sporadically located throughout the terrain. The goal is to have a lovely yard you actually want to sit in and enjoy, not a safari adventure.

Let’s think about children for a moment. We love to see children being able to kick those sandals off and run around freely through the grass without hurting their feet on rocks, gravel, and stiff crabgrass. Children love the feeling of being able to run barefoot in the summer time. If you own a pool, the barefoot experience will be great for not only children but for people of every age who plan on spending time outdoors this season.

Looking into irrigation systems no longer has to mean thinking about breaking your summer budget because of that hydro bill; when you go to EZ Lawn Sprinklers for advice, it actually means saving water consumption and making sure every drop goes a long way. One of the most vital water saving strategies for is to ensure that the thirstiest patched of your garden get soaked during the early morning hours. They require less water at this time because nothing evaporates from harsh sunlight and the roots actually have time to soak up nutrients.

But it’s pretty doubtful that you’re going to get up at dawn every other morning to take care of that garden, right? Having a timed system set up by the experts at EZ Lawn Sprinklers will not only mean that this is taken care of, but it also means that the amount of water used is controlled and measured beforehand. This means your bills are predictable, regular, and low every single month. Another way to save water is to make sure you have updated sprinkler heads. Technology is always improving and moving towards efficiency, so make the most of it!

Other things to keep in mind throughout the summer months:
  • Take a few minutes once a month to adjust the timer. The timing of the sunrise and sunset gradually change throughout the year.

  • Once a year, you should regularly tune-up your sprinkler system. When outdoor temperatures dip below zero, you need to make sure the pipes are empty of water so they don’t freeze, and this is a great time to check for other repairs as well. With a good company, all this should be automatically taken care of.

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Local Plumbers Know Your Plumbing Inside & Out - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - Your hunt for a family plumber should be similar to the search you completed to find your family doctor. You don’t want someone prescribing you medication without knowing your medical and family history first. Why, then, would you allow a technician to attempt repairs without having known the details of your home’s plumbing and drainage past. Without this knowledge, it can take longer for a plumber to arrive at the right solution or – in the worst case scenario – they attempt a flat-out wrong repair for your home. It becomes obvious when you think of it that way: just like you scoured Kitchener for the best family doctor, you should devote the same amount of time and effort to finding the top emergency plumber Kitchener has to offer.

A local plumber who’s completed regular inspections of your home is more familiar with ins and outs of your plumbing, and this background information can help them locate the weak spots in both your system and your maintenance routine. An expert Kitchener emergency plumber can utilize this knowledge to anticipate the best materials and methods of his or her repair, amounting to reliable work that’s both faster and more affordable to complete.

It’s important to call upon a service that supplies only plumbers who are insured and licensed to complete residential repairs in Kitchener. There are plenty of services, such as HY-PRO Plumbing and Drainage, that guarantee these two certificates for every single member of their team because they know it ensures the highest quality work. They also make sure there’s a professional waiting to take your call at any time of the day in case your emergency happens in the middle of the night. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, HY-PRO emergency plumbing services in Kitchener are the best company to call at any time.

Imagine having a reliable emergency plumber ready to take on your emergencies and not-so emergencies immediately. There’s a peace of mind in knowing that your local Kitchener plumber is there for you whenever you need them. Whether it’s a simple clogged drain or a more complex issue regarding your sewer lines, it’s important that someone you trust is ready to help.

Start asking people you trust about local plumbers and hit the websites (like the Better Business Bureau) to complete your own search. By comparing referrals to online reviews, you can narrow down the best emergency plumber Kitchener has to offer. Once you find them, make sure to save their number in your phone, just like your family doctor.

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Upgrade Your Curb Appeal with Stamped Concrete - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - Perhaps it’s not something we like to think about often, but the fact is that first impressions are important. People do judge books by their covers, construct opinions quickly, and buy houses based on curb appeal. Experts have noted that about 82 percent of home buyers will reject a home or accept one simply based on the exterior. A beautiful porch, patio, and driveway that has been landscaped with careful design contributes to a good “gut feeling” for any buyer.

There are several aspects of a home that are actually thought about and judged later on, like the strength of the foundation, the quality of the materials used, and the acreage of the yard. Yet when it comes to an immediate first impression, all those areas can be overlooked in favour of a stunning house-front. You, too, can dramatically increase your curb appeal —and you should see what Elite Concrete can do for you when it comes to fostering your most creative sensibilities.

Understanding Stamped Concrete

One of the best aspects of utilizing stamped concrete is its significant malleability. In comparison to other options that involve setting individual stones into a walkway, concrete provides an incredible flexibility at a much lower cost. While concrete will never cost you as much as a brick, slate, flagstone, or limestone walkway or driveway, it is capable of holding the exact style and look of those stones without any extra effort.

Essentially, you can pick and choose from variations in pattern, colour, and acid staining or washing for texture and effect without worrying about the cost. Imagine your walkway adorned with brick, which can add a classic touch to your entryway. Or, if you enjoy the antique or vintage look of many older houses, a limestone finish created by experts such as the team at Elite Concrete can provide a rustic style without any of the fragility of an actual stone driveway.

Why is Concrete Better?

Concrete is durable, much less prone to cracking, and low maintenance compared to stones that break down due to impact from vehicles and climate. They’re not made to last long-term, whereas the process of stamping from Elite Concrete includes a few steps that make the material sustainable and tough. The first step includes adding a base color, which is done by adding a color dye hardener to the concrete in its liquid state. The second part involves adding a secondary color that helps bring out natural imperfections of the material that you want your concrete to resemble. The last step involves stamping poured concrete to create a design. The stamp is usually made of polyurethane, which is a polymer that a concrete specialist can use to mold a natural look from concrete, and usually, there’s a final step of sealer which protects it even more thoroughly from weather conditions. As you can see, you can easily increase your curb appeal without having to dig too far into your pockets.

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Get to the Root of Your Property's Pigeon Issues - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - You own or manage a stunning apartment building complex or condominium that you know is doing great business. You also know that when clients buy this kind of beautiful apartment with an amazing view that overlooks the city, especially in an urban center, where real estate prices are high and maintenance is costly, the very last thing they want to see is pigeon droppings all over their balcony or courtyard.

The fact is that pigeons are extremely well-adapted creatures. The reason they proliferate even in urban areas, which may not seem too hospitable to wild bird populations, is because they’ve learned how to ingest scraps, fight off diseases caught from vermin, and breed incessantly to grow their own numbers. Rather than being stupid, as the term “birdbrain” suggests, they are surprisingly intelligent, and have been shown in tests and experiments to be able to organize pebbles by colour, shape, and size when trained. They’ve also been used throughout human civilization as letter carriers, and fancy pigeons have been bred to develop unique and astonishing physical qualities like large feathers, bushy tails, and so on.

Now, while all this doesn’t necessarily mean that you want them damaging your property, annoying your clients, or causing mayhem in large flocks, it does mean that they deserve respect and humane treatment. To get rid of your issues once and for all in the most humane way possible, look into bird control services with Pigeon Busters, because they have years of experience as specialists in this field.

Some of the ways that professionals will handle your problem is by strategically, professionally, and carefully installing one or more of the following options:
  • Nets that deter the birds
  • Spikes that keep them from landing
  • Bird-friendly glass
  • Electrical tracks
  • Wires
Because they’re trained to develop the ability to keep birds safe while making it impossible for them to roost on your property, Pigeon Busters are ideal. It could be netting or glass that will fix your problem, but there are more solutions to choose from. Today, there are actually architects and designers who work in tandem with bird control services to design and build structures with the population’s habits in mind. Instead of building ledges into every level of windows in a high rise, or creating tons of glass surfaces for birds to fly into, Pigeon Busters comes up with custom solutions to address the issues at its root. It is not only possible, but preferable, to create beautiful buildings with active architecture that provide bird intervention while making the lives of residents and employees easier.

When you begin to take notice of the pigeons around you, be sure to study the cause of the entire problem rather than only its symptoms, and remember that an issue like this is best taken care of immediately, before the birds get out of control and become even more difficult to manage.

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How to Find Reliable Pest Control in Toronto - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - Everyone has nightmares about it: the moment they wake up with red blotches all over their skin, and a mattress full of bedbugs; sleepily flicking the lights on in the kitchen one night, only to catch dozens of roaches skittering back underneath the stove or the fridge; or staying awake every night to the click-clack of a rodent scampering across your floors. Nowhere is immune: everything from commercial shops to detached bungalows to apartment units are vulnerable to outdoor invaders.

#1 Don’t despair

When it happens to you, don’t despair, just find an exterminator in Toronto who will make sure your problem disappears and never comes back. Your search should begin with a little bit of time and effort and a checklist of go-to qualities. First of all, a reputable company in the Greater Toronto Area should know how to eliminate most issues common to Southern Ontario, including rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, pavement and carpenter ants, mice, rats, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, firebrats, sow bugs, and clothing moths.

#2 Get a warranty

The next step is comparing company credentials and quality of services. Only go with firms that employ knowledgeable technicians who are licensed through the Ministry of Environment and can prove so by presenting an Ontario extermination card. A quality pest control company also offers a free evaluation with no obligation to purchase their services. Some simply show up once or twice and then they’re done; others, like Power Pest Control, offer a warranty with their work that is good for a year or longer. One effective way to eradicate your infestations for good is a 15-month plan. If the infestation flares up annually, the exterminator will be on hand to tackle it again. Companies that won't guarantee their work should be avoided because they will end up costing the homeowner more money in the long run.

#3 Stay proactive

Proactive services and maintenance services are also a good thing to look for in commercial properties. The best pest control Toronto has to offer provide different options when it comes to maintenance and routine service. If you’re looking for weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly service, you can contact Power Pest Control to find out how it works. A trustworthy company should provide a variety of packages to keep your property free of unwanted guests.

#4 Learn about insecticides

A homeowner should always ask about the chemicals used in their home and determine how safe they are. Responsible exterminators like Power Pest only use chemicals that are safe for infants, pregnant women, and the elderly. The main concern should be in the safety of the family residing in the home. You can double check the classification of insecticides in Ontario on this index.

With a little bit of time and effort, homeowners can find a reliable pest control service that meets their needs. Reading customer reviews can provide much needed insight on a company’s values and practices. Customer reviews provide a detailed description of the customer's experience. Customers who have had bad experiences usually do not hesitate to inform others, and many are more than happy to share their positive experiences. Do your research and get your infestation under control sooner than later.

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Aluminum Siding Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Home - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - When you are looking for aluminum siding installation to extend the longevity of your home, there are several key issues to be aware of in your search for a company that can help you. First of all, be sure to hook up with a company that has been around for at least twenty years. If you can find a firm that is family owned and managed, that would be ideal – those two things combined, “family-run” and “long history,” probably means that the company you’ve chosen has great customer service (which is how they’ve managed to stay in business so long). Either that, or they’re a front for the mafia, but you’re probably safe there if they also have many glowing customer reviews.

You won’t get the same service from a large company, many of which are filled with contractors who are new and just getting their bearings in the industry, deciding whether they actually want to work in aluminum installation for the rest of their life. You might luck out and find someone as dedicated to the trade as the family-owned guys, but it’s just as possible you get someone who will be in construction or steel welding before the end of the year. Even if you do find someone reliable, they aren’t likely to stay with that company for long. There’s really no other way to guarantee good, consistent customer service than choosing a small, family owned company with decades of experience – that’s why if you’re in the Toronto area it’s a good idea to stop by

One of the reasons a good, honest contractor is so important is because they won’t pressure you to buy more than you need. Rather than hoping to get a temporary boost in their sales numbers or income, they will recommend you only the services and products that your home requires in order to keep your business for as long as possible. They know that you can vote with your money if you’re unhappy and take your business elsewhere – and they respect you as a client as a result.

That’s why you should take some time and research companies before you get your eavestroughs repaired or get something as monumental as aluminum siding installed in your home – if you live in Toronto, a good bet is a firm like Tip Top Trough, which has been family-owned for two decades and has a reputation for their honest dealings with customers. Siding is great for providing your home with insulation in the summer and winter, and in protecting the exterior of your home from damage – which will save you money in the long run (and give you a break on your insurance). But you won’t save any money on your new purchase if you have it installed by a disreputable company that takes you to the cleaners!

Properly installed, maintained, and manufactured aluminum siding from a firm like Tip Top Trough should last you about forty years, and in all of that time your home will be greatly protected from damage. It’s also a responsible option when it comes to the impact on the environment, since it’s usually made from recycled metal. Instead of using up to fifty trees to form wood siding, the aluminum variety can cover the same wall surface area with metal from about six crushed salvage cars. Aluminum’s versatility and recyclability is one of the reasons it is so cheap as a material ­– usually only costs about $3 to $6 per square foot. In any case, when you’ve decided to install new siding to protect your home, remember to choose a family-run business (although not this kind of family) over a corporate one to ensure that your home gets the absolute best service possible.

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The Summer is a Great Time to get into Leather Furniture - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - Summer is a great time to start considering updating and improving your home, making it more refreshing and comfortable for yourself, your family, and your guests. Adding new furniture, or simply updating and replacing outdated furniture, can go a long way to improving the quality and comfort level of a home.

One of the best ways to update your furnishings (and home d├ęcor) is to replace outdated furniture with new leather furniture. Just about anyone would love to have a new recliner or sofa in their den or living room to be able to comfortably relax while they unwind from the day. If you’re looking for a way to live out that dream in your own recliner or wingback chair, check out this website for a great place to buy a leather chair in Toronto. If you don’t live in Toronto, just do your research and look around! Ideally you want a retailer that provides a wide selection, has been in business a long time, and has a history of satisfying its customers.

Leather is a very high quality material that has always been a gold standard when it comes to comfort, durability, and breath ability. There really is nothing better than relaxing on your new couch with the windows open and a glass of lemonade (complete with a sprig of mint) by your side. A lot of people seem to think that leather is a bad choice for summer, but it’s actually the opposite! It is cooler than your body temperature, and because it breathes so well you don’t end up sweating as much as when you sit in a fabric chair. Just ask the experts at your local furniture retailer, such as the Chesterfield Shop in the GTA, about the advantages of it as a material in the summer months.

In regards to durability, leather outlasts furniture made out of fabric by a ratio of four to one. That’s probably because it doesn’t tear anywhere near as easily, and it is easy to keep clean if you have pets, children, or an extremely messy partner (or if you’re the clumsy one yourself!). It’s also fire resistant and doesn't release any toxic fumes when it is exposed to heat, which is definitely a huge plus.

Unlike fabrics, leather doesn’t wear or fade over time, but actually becomes softer and more attractive, meaning you’re less likely to want to replace it in the future and can safely spend your money elsewhere. If you purchase a new piece of furniture from a quality retailer like the Chesterfield Shop, you can expect to get fifteen-to-twenty years of use out of it, as opposed to the four to five years that someone might get from fabric made sofas and recliners. When you consider what you’re getting and how much you’re going to spend, there’s really no excuse for going with a sub-par material for your new furniture purchase!

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Your Renovation Could Save The World! - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior -

Doing a renovation is the most popular way to make your home everything you want it to be. You might have been dreaming about certain changes for years. Now, they’re just around the corner! There’s another side to the coin though. If you’re particularly concerned for the environment, then you may want to find ways of making your renovations as green as possible. Here are some handy tips to use.

Firstly, look into passive design. Passive design is almost completely unheard of among a lot of homeowners. However, if you’re looking to save the planet we live on, it’s something you should really be looking into. This technique uses the physical orientation of your home, and the chaos of the seasons, to form rooms that require minimum heating and cooling. These include glazing, insulation, thermal mass and airflow. For example, because the sun hits the north before anything in winter, you could open up that face of an extension in order to heat up a wall or floor. Through orientation and thermal mass, this will keep your home warmer and lessen the need for heating. This is just one of the ways you can use passive design to make a greener home.

Your plumbing is another important area to plan out when you’re aiming for a green renovation. This period will be a pretty rare opportunity to re-engineer your pipes, and help the water deficit we’re currently dealing with. There are many different ways of using and re-using water in a home. Each system is made for a different kind of water, but they’re all made for the same noble cause. Rainwater is chlorine-free, and can be used safely for washing machines and flushing toilets. If greywater is treated properly, it can also be used for toilets and washing machines. Blackwater (toilet water) needs rigorous disinfection to be re-used. You can do this yourself, but it’s hugely important to make sure you’re using the right system. Negligence could be a health risk for you and your whole family.

The materials you choose for the construction is also an important consideration for your green renovation. Sourcing green materials may take a little extra effort. In the long run though, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth it! Various companies sell reclaimed wood flooring directly, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. You’ve probably had to do some kind of demolition work to get your home ready for the renovation. Go through the skip, and take out any materials which could be used for other areas. When picking out materials, keep the lifespan of your renovation in mind. If the materials are still in a good condition long after you’re gone, it will reduce the need for more deforestation and mining. Green construction is all about thinking ahead, and considering how every little choice will affect the eco system.

Having a renovation done on your house doesn’t have to mean harming the earth. Take your time with the planning, choose materials wisely, and your extension will stay nice and kind to mother earth.

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Luxury Bathroom Design: What The Pros Won’t Tell You - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior -

Your bathroom should be your retreat from the world. It should be the place that you go after a long and stressful day. If your bathroom isn’t a space that’s calm and tranquil, then there’s a problem. If your bathroom just isn’t as beautiful as it used to be and has started to look a little rough around the edges, it’s time to take action.

When it comes to home design, a lot of us struggle, simply because we don’t know the best ways to go about. There’s so much conflicting advice when it comes to interior design that it can be hard to know the best way to go about updating your bathroom. Even more so if you’ve got a certain style in mind, such as a luxury design, for instance.

Because of this, a lot of people opt to hire an interior designer when it comes to doing up their bathroom. However, if you don’t want an extra cost to deal with, it’s best to go DIY. To help you create a bathroom as beautiful as one, an interior designer would create, below are a list of tips and tricks. These are all things that the pros swear by but would never tell you.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules

We’ve all heard the various rules of decorating. There are so many things that you should and shouldn’t do. Look at the work of any interior designer, and you’ll see that they constantly break the rules. The truth is that when it comes to creating a beautiful space that you love, the rules of design are there to be broken. Don’t be afraid to get creative; sometimes the best work comes from a random act of creativity.

Work with neutrals and add touches of colour

For a luxurious space, we’re always told to stick to neutrals. However, while neutrals can create a fantastically calm and tranquil space, they can also be a little boring. To jazz up your bathroom and make it a more ‘fun’ space, incorporate splashes of colour. These don’t have to be anything too bright and bold, just small touches here and there. The best way to subtly add colour is, of course, via accessories. Think rugs, towels, wall art, soap dispensers, and other cute, little bits and bobs.

Make the features the focal points

What interior designers have told us is that every room needs a focal point. What they haven’t let on, however, is that furniture or features like a bathtub can make the best focal points. Things like claw-footed bathtubs, for example, can make fantastic focal points. You can pick up a lot of stylish designs for low prices on second-hand selling sites, so make sure to check these out. Or, how about using a beautiful double sink vanity as your bathroom focal point? There’s a variety of double sink vanities online to choose from, should you opt to go down this route. Pick features that you love and use them as focal points for the room - the effect will be amazing.

Get creative with wallpaper

Last but not least, consider getting creative will wallpaper. Wallpaper isn’t just for covering every wall in; it has plenty of other uses too. How about wallpapering your ceiling, for instance? The ceiling often gets forgotten about, but it can be easily spiced up with a cute roll of wallpaper. Or what about adding an accent wall using a wallpaper design that you love? There are so many ways that you can get creative with wallpaper; it’s not just an alternative to paint. Look at the work of any professional designer, and you’ll see what we mean.

The above advice should give you everything that you need to start planning your bathroom update. Of course, before you get started it’s wise to get some inspiration. The more inspiration and ideas you can get, the better.

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A Few Simple Tips and Tricks to Add Stylish Updates to Your Living Room - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - The living room is one of the rooms in the home that you want to be cosy and comfortable. You will want it to be stylish too. We spend quite a bit of our time in it, and it is where we take guests when they come to visit. So we want it to look stylish, right? Here are some of my thoughts on how you can easily add a stylish update to your living room.

Choose the Color Wisely

The color that a room is can affect the mood of the people in it. There has been a lot of history behind the psychology of color and the findings are interesting. Cool colors like blue and white can make the room feel relaxing. It can make the room feel spacious, open, and fresh. Bolder colors like red and purple add a luxurious feel but can make the room feel a little smaller and dark. Warm colors like orange and tan can be nice and homely and help you to feel relaxed. So think about the ambience that you are trying to create and then go with the colors from there. The good news is that changing the color of the room is easy to do. Just get a paintbrush or some wallpaper. It could be done in one day if needed, so it’s a bonus.

Think About a Focal Point

When you walk into a room, it is always better if there is a focal point in the room. In a living room, a fireplace is a natural focal point. There is nothing cosier than being able to snuggle up by a fire in the living room. There are so many options that you can choose from, though. You can even get electric fires or remote controlled ones these days. You could choose to have a wood burner or an open fire place. These are all great options, but might be better if you don’t have young children. You could get a fire guard, though. You could mix it up with logs, coal or even Fire Glass. So think about the style of the living area and decide what would look best.

Comfortable Seating

One of the most important parts of a living room is being able to sit down and be comfortable. It might be for cosying up to watch a movie, or just to entertain with friends. Whatever you use it for, the seating you have is so important. Think about the layout of the living room too. You want it to be easy to make conversation and for everyone to see each other. It can be tricky, depending on the size and shape of the room. So have a play with the furniture to see what will look best. It is also a good idea to get something like a bean bag or large pillows that can be moved around the room. Then it changes up the options for seating, depending on the number of people.

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7 Ideas for an Instant Bedroom Makeover - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior -

Giving any room in your home doesn't have to be expensive. Follow these seven makeover ideas to transform your bedroom instantly. 

Choosing colors and textures

The hardest decision of all is selecting a color scheme. Firstly, find some inspiration on Pinterest and decide what type of bedroom you are drawn to. You can then start putting together a mood-board of colors and features that appeal to you.

Once you've chosen a color scheme, you can start to decide what kind of finishes and textures you like. Combining different textures can give you room depth, so consider choosing a few. 

Add some personality

Wallpapering or painting one wall in your bedroom is an excellent way to add a splash of personality. Feature walls are a quick and easy way to give your bedroom a makeover. It's unlikely you'll need to move furniture, too because it's just one wall.

If you're not ready to commit to painting or wallpapering one wall in your bedroom, then that's okay! You can add personality by adding throw cushions to your bed or changing the curtains. 

Invest in new bedding

If you can't invest in a new mattress, then at least treat yourself to some new bedding. Choose a duvet that is one size bigger than your bed, and double up on pillows.

Buy a fresh set of sheets and pillowcases (plus you'll need if you've got a new duvet!). Opt for white Egyptian cotton for a luxurious feel. 

Let there be light!

Lighting impacts our mood, so it's crucial that this is in the forefront of your mind when decorating. Consider installing a dimmer, to adjust your lighting, depending on how you feel.

LED fairy lights are also an excellent alternative to the bedroom if you don't fancy having a bedside lamp. They can add a touch of sparkle while not overpowering the room.

Not sure what type of lighting you want? Check out lighting stores online for lighting inspiration. 

Wall art and decor

Looking on websites such as Etsy for handmade pieces though can be a great place to start looking. You'll find something unique and handmade especially for you.

If you want to decorate your bedroom with unique pieces of art and decor on a budget, though, why not make your own? DIY home decor tutorials are the perfect way to add personality to your room, while sticking to a theme. 

Hide the clutter

There's nothing worse than unwinding in bed, and finding yourself surrounded by clutter. Clear your surfaces and tidying away your clothes, so that you can relax in a clean bedroom.

Perhaps organize your belongings into a closet, or tuck them away under your bed. 

Don't forget to look down!

So many people forget to look down when they are decorating their bedrooms. You don't have to tear up the carpet to change the style of your room. Choose rugs that suit the style of your room. There’s nothing better than a cozy rug under your feet on a winter morning, too!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Create Vintage Looks in Your Home - Home Design Interior

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At the moment, there are quite a few modern home decor trends that are popular. Think monochrome or scandi styles for example. They are styles that people are getting quickly bored of, though. They look good for a little while but it can easily become outdated. It can hard to keep up with too. Imagine trying to keep an all white room pristine and crisp, when it is a nursery for your toddler? Not going to happen. So they can look great. They just aren’t that practical. One look that is always a winner, is choosing a vintage look. It is easier to maintain and you won’t need to get a whole lot of new furniture for it either. So it makes it a more affordable option than other styles. It is more feminine as well as being sweet and charming. So here are some tips for creating the vintage look in your own home.

Make Things Yourself

The vintage look isn’t all about having lots of technology or modern accessories. So one way to create the vintage look in your home is to make some of the accessories yourself. How about making your own curtains? You could update some that you have already. You could add new stitching or applique some netting or beading on to them. You could hang some lace over your window, to create a vintage style lace blind. You could try making your own photo frames or word art for your walls. There are a lot of possibilities of things that you could create yourself. It is a lovely way to decorate in the home and will leave you feeling happy that you created it all. Rather than just buying it all.

Upcycle Furniture

One way to get the vintage look is by upcycling furniture. You could update chair cushions by altering the material and then reapplying it. You could sand down something like a dresser or a sideboard. Then you could repaint it to update it. Lighter colors work well for the vintage look. White or cream coloured furniture, that has been distressed slightly works well. Pastel colours also add to the look and can look so pretty. Try not to go for deep, bold colors like navy or reds. If you wanted something that isn’t as plain, you could use something like mod podge to stick patterned fabrics or papers to the furniture. If you have a bookshelf, you could attach them to the shelves, so you see a pattern through the books. You could attach them to the front of a chest of drawers, to add a different dimension to the drawers.

If you already have some furniture to update, then great. Have a look around and get creative. If you don’t, you could look around some oak furniture stores to choose something. Real wood furniture is the best to upcycle and alter. 

Style with Florals

Florals scream vintage and retro, right? So make sure that you use plenty of it. It doesn’t all need to be the in the same room of course. Just add touches of it, with throws, tablecloths, and soft furnishings. Having actual fresh flowers helps to channel the vintage vibe. Think classic roses or something like peonies. They just ooze style and are full of color. They will compliment the colors that you have in your home too.

Think About Accessories

Accessories are key to completing the vintage look. If you have a French style dresser, think about getting some mirrored trays or mirrored storage boxes. You can buy these things in the stores that you would normally shop at. You can also get them from thrift stores too. Then they will be real vintage too. So pretty much perfect for trying to achieve a vintage look. Change up drawer pulls or door knobs for pretty and detailed ones. They will change the look of the furniture and be channelling the retro vibe.

Photo frames and little trinkets are big for a retro theme. If you have shelving or a dresser, fill it with little retro trinkets, vases or photo frames. Go for different sizes and styles. When things are mismatched or eclectic, it looks much more vintage. Frames or mirrors that are uniform do not help to create the look.

Have you got any tips or advice for styling a vintage look in the home? Is it a look that you like? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this and what tips you might have.

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Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom Remodelling Contractor - Home Design Interior

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Finding a bathroom remodelling contractor that thinks outside the box and produces something individual and outstanding is not easy. Here we’ve compiled some insider tips so you can sift the good from the bad.

1. Ask to see some examples of work – You’ll be able to judge their creativity, get some great bathroom ideas, and know the standard of work you can expect. You can also see if they have worked on a similar project before.

2. Reputation and review – Look up reviews, check recommendations, and assess the reputation of your bathroom remodelling contractor.

3. It’s the small things – Consider how fast the company gets back to you, how open communication is, how long they have been in business, and how you feel about the customer service.

4. Get a vision – Ask for a plan of your potential bathroom, both blueprints and a sketch or 3D walk-through. This way there is no grey area in design and expectations are clear.

5. Are they legitimate – Make sure your bathroom remodelling contractor has all of the necessary qualifications, experience, insurances, and licenses to work in your area and on your bathroom. Sometimes looking local can be a great idea for these exact reasons.

6. Make it official – Your relationship with your contractor should be transparent. There should be a contract in place with a clear timeline, plans, expectations, and costs once you make your choice.

Choosing a good contractor is imperative to your bathroom remodelling experience. Your chosen contractor will be with you from start to finish so you need to feel you have 100% trust in them. If you’d like to come up with concepts for your next bathroom remodelling job, check out this bathrooms page to find some great ideas and products.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

How To Create The Bathroom Of Your Dreams - Home Design Interior

Home Design Interior - Your bathroom should exude tranquillity and luxury every time you enter the room. Whether you’re having a soak in the bath or brushing your teeth before bed, this space should make you feel at ease. It should be the first place you want to escape to after a long day to relax and destress. But if your bathroom currently feels more drab than fab, you could be missing out on the soothing effect it could have. Instead of just sticking with what you’ve got, use this guide to start creating the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Consider what you want

Before you do anything else, you need to think about what you want to be included in your new bathroom. Look at your current bathroom and consider the strengths and weaknesses it has. For instance, it might have a spacious layout but the tiles are too difficult to clean. This should show you which elements you are missing and what would make your bathroom more suitable. Write down your ideas and look on interiors blogs and in magazines for further inspiration. You should then consult with specialists such as Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms to assist you with the design and layout. Knowing what you want will make the remodelling process far easier and ensure you are creating a room that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Colour is key

Once you’ve determined the important factor and have a layout decided you can start thinking about colours. Colour is an essential feature in any room as it has the ability to affect our mood. They can make you feel calm and relaxed or energetic and alert. Think carefully about vibe you want your bathroom to evoke when choosing your colour palette. Whether you’re painting the walls or using coloured tiles, you need to get the colour right. Choosing something too vibrant could make it hard to relax or something too dull could have an adverse effect on your mood. You should also consider how your chosen colour will work alongside your new cabinets and bathroom fixtures. Again, use the internet for ideas on colours that compliment your tastes and personality.

Choose a statement tub

Instead of choosing a conservative style, why not use this opportunity to install a statement bathtub into the space. This can bring decoration, interest and versatility into your new bathroom while also creating a unique focal point. Free-standing baths with extravagant fixtures can give the room an elegant and glamorous feel. If you prefer a contemporary look, you can also find streamlined designs with clean edges and finishes. Consult with your bathroom specialist about the varying styles of bathtub that could work within the design. This can then help to influence your choice of sink, toilet and shower.

You should now have a good starting point to create a bathroom that you can be proud of. Bathroom renovations should always be completed by experienced professionals for a high quality finish. So as eager as you might be to get stuck in, always hire expert help before you begin.

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