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Your Renovation Could Save The World! - Home Design Interior

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Doing a renovation is the most popular way to make your home everything you want it to be. You might have been dreaming about certain changes for years. Now, they’re just around the corner! There’s another side to the coin though. If you’re particularly concerned for the environment, then you may want to find ways of making your renovations as green as possible. Here are some handy tips to use.

Firstly, look into passive design. Passive design is almost completely unheard of among a lot of homeowners. However, if you’re looking to save the planet we live on, it’s something you should really be looking into. This technique uses the physical orientation of your home, and the chaos of the seasons, to form rooms that require minimum heating and cooling. These include glazing, insulation, thermal mass and airflow. For example, because the sun hits the north before anything in winter, you could open up that face of an extension in order to heat up a wall or floor. Through orientation and thermal mass, this will keep your home warmer and lessen the need for heating. This is just one of the ways you can use passive design to make a greener home.

Your plumbing is another important area to plan out when you’re aiming for a green renovation. This period will be a pretty rare opportunity to re-engineer your pipes, and help the water deficit we’re currently dealing with. There are many different ways of using and re-using water in a home. Each system is made for a different kind of water, but they’re all made for the same noble cause. Rainwater is chlorine-free, and can be used safely for washing machines and flushing toilets. If greywater is treated properly, it can also be used for toilets and washing machines. Blackwater (toilet water) needs rigorous disinfection to be re-used. You can do this yourself, but it’s hugely important to make sure you’re using the right system. Negligence could be a health risk for you and your whole family.

The materials you choose for the construction is also an important consideration for your green renovation. Sourcing green materials may take a little extra effort. In the long run though, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth it! Various companies sell reclaimed wood flooring directly, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. You’ve probably had to do some kind of demolition work to get your home ready for the renovation. Go through the skip, and take out any materials which could be used for other areas. When picking out materials, keep the lifespan of your renovation in mind. If the materials are still in a good condition long after you’re gone, it will reduce the need for more deforestation and mining. Green construction is all about thinking ahead, and considering how every little choice will affect the eco system.

Having a renovation done on your house doesn’t have to mean harming the earth. Take your time with the planning, choose materials wisely, and your extension will stay nice and kind to mother earth.

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