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The Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room: A Buying Guide - Home Design Interior

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Choosing a sofa for your living room is a bit tricky. You wouldn’t want the sofa to be too big; the room will look cluttered with a large sofa in it. You also need to choose the right colour and consider various other aspects before making a purchase decision. Buying the perfect sofa for your living room is tricky indeed, but these next few tips will help you get started with shopping for one without hassle.

Size It Up

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right size is very important. You need to consider not only the size of your living room but also the size of other furniture in it. You want the room to be spacious enough to walk around but still well-furnished and comfortable.

Aside from the couch – and the accompanying chairs – you should also consider whether you want a coffee table, a bookshelf or perhaps a nice TV desk to complete the room. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least 40% of the space open.

Lastly, choose the shape of your sofa well. An L-shaped sofa often looks bigger than a more traditional couch. Browse through online catalogues, such as distinctivechesterfields.com, and you’ll find a lot of interesting choices to contemplate.

Research Upholstery Materials

Leather couches look really great in almost every room, but they can be quite expensive depending on the kind of leather you choose to use. Suede and other materials, on the other hand, often offer more finishes, colours and budget options. All of these options are great as long as you do enough research and settle for the one option that works best for your living room.

Colours, for instance, can change the ambience of the room a lot. Since the sofa is often the biggest furniture item in the room, its colour matters more than the rest of the living room. A bright-coloured sofa, such as a tan leather couch, will create a warmer ambience. A white or black suede sofa, on the other hand, works better for a cooler, more minimalistic living room.

Don’t forget that the material you choose will also influence just how comfortable the sofa is when you sit on it. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the sofa, so choosing the right upholstery material is definitely important.

Work with a Theme

An interior designer friend once suggested the combination of black floor and black leather sofa for a very clean look. The rest of the living room can then follow the clean theme as well. You can easily centre your choice of sofa and other furniture items on a particular theme.

There are plenty to choose from too. Aside from clean and modern looks, you can also go for a brighter summer tone, a more relaxing blue or even a very chic white-on-white. When you already have a theme going, stick to it and it will be easy to create a comfortable and spacious living room you have always wanted. Be sure to use these tips to help you shop for the best sofa for your living room.

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